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If you’ve suffered a serious injury from a motor vehicle accident or an accident at work or elsewhere, dial 309-LAWYERS to see if you have a case.

Opening Ghantous Law Offices in 1984, Leo has gained an in-depth knowledge of the legal field over the last 29 years, and this has allowed him to understand every case he gets on a deeper level. He has handled a wide range of cases throughout his years of practice while specializing in Personal Injury. He develops every case right alongside of the client. Details such as the permanent effects of serious injuries, pain and suffering, and emotional effects. Leo cares about his clients and strives to optimize their situation and ease the stress put upon them.

Leo has also made himself available to his clients throughout his long career by visiting the homes and hospital rooms of patients in order to discuss their cases with them. He also makes sure to explain their case to them as well as the laws and regulations that affect it. It’s this personal touch and understanding that bring clients back and have earned Ghantous praise and awards for outstanding service over the years. Read More

  • “Who would ask for anything more than having friends represent you. These guys will work for you...”

    George G.
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    in Peoria!”

    Lola M.
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Meet Leo Ghantous, Esq. who is here to help you throughout the process.

Leo Ghantous established his Peoria law firm in 1984 with a focus on personal injury law. He has handled a wide range of cases including worker's compensation and catastrophic truck accidents. He has also handled serious product liability lawsuits, medical malpractice cases, family law issues, and criminal defense cases.

Leo makes himself available to his clients in the fullest extent possible. He can be reached through the office, by email or text messages and prides himself on responding quickly and efficiently. Contact Attorney ​Leo Ghantous​ at 309-LAWYERS. When it really matters, get Ghantous.​

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