Can an incapacitated person designate someone to file a claim on their behalf? Attorney Leo Ghantous explains that there are a number of ways to approach this. The best practice is to seek the appointment of a guardian through the court system. Courts appoint guardians to care for people who cannot take care of themselves; the person a guardian protects is called the guardians Ward. Wards may be either minor children or incapacitated adults  there are various types of guardianship depending on the degree of disability. For example if you have a limited disability you can get a limited guardianship to handle only certain specific things on your behalf. The court may find that a person is really not disabled handles his own affairs, but he may have a limitation in handling some more sophisticated and complicated issues. In that case the court would appoint a limit guardian for specific purposes and only for the duration of the lawsuit there are others that need a guardian over the estate and over the person to not only handle their affairs  but to also take care of their needsfor a free case evaluationcontact attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria, Illinois, or visit his website at