Do most cases involving serious injury settle out of court?  Attorney Leo Ghantous explains that it really is a case-by-case basis. The hope is that the case will settle out of court but you have to prepare as if you are going to trial, you have to dot every "i" and cross every "t"  because if you do not, rest assured the other side is aware of it.  Therefore you have to go in with the assumption that you are trying your case, but you hope that somewhere along the way it will resolve on terms that are  favorable to the client the competing interest are the following: Does the case go to trial or does it settle? You have to consider the value a jury might place on the claim and the amount of time it takes to get to a jury. The utmost important considerations is the client's needs and interests. You have got to have everything else in line and envision a scenario where you are going to trial. The economist is very important; if you do not have an economist to lay out your damages the likelihood is that the insurance company is going to take the case to trial because they know you are missing an important piece of the puzzle. That is something you may not be aware of if you do not have enough experience in this line of work to make a difference. There are certain factors that make a personal injury case really right for going to trial versus one that is not a lot of lawyers. Say I am going to trial. They are not going to trial unless they are fully prepared or if they do they are failing their own client. For a free case evaluationcontact attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria Illinois or visit his website at