What are the facts and myths about the personal injury recovery process? Attorney Leo Ghantous explains that unfortunately many lawyers look at injury cases with a cookie cutter, i.e, the accident victim gets hurt, goes to the doctor, stops seeing the doctor, and then the victim gets a settlement. This cookie cutter approach to settlement does not work so well in today's strategic litigation world. Every case has to be meticulously analyzed and developed and every aspect of every case has to be viewed with a microscopic lens with a view of maximizing its value. Attorneys have to take a look at it and see how they can make it most favorable light for the benefit of the clients. Moreover, insurance companies have also gotten a lot smarter over the past thirty years they look at cases with a great deal of scrutiny so attorneys have to be equally as savvy in their analysis and in their approach of prosecuting a case.  For a free case evaluation contact attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria Illinois or visit his website at www.ghantouslaw.com.