How long do most personal injury cases take to resolve in Illinois? Attorney Leo Ghantous says the general time-frame that a case takes could be anywhere from as little as 3 months for a non-serious case, to as long as 5 to 7 years for a serious case that has lots of complications involved. This case could have multiple witnesses and a number of experts. Often, it has to do with scheduling depositions and finding the right kinds of experts and those kinds of things.

In the litigation practice, specifically when you hurry up and then there is a waiting period. Then you hurry up again! Then there is another waiting period... then you hurry up again... and there is another waiting period. It gets really difficult to pinpoint and say a year or two years, maybe more. However, it is about 3 years... the average serious claim... that is going to settle out of court. For a free case evaluation, contact Attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria, Illinois, or visit his website at