What does the term "severe" injuries refer to? Is it similar to soft tissue injury? Attorney Leo Ghantous explains that soft tissue injuries have their own dynamics in terms of severity. You typically see soft tissue injuries in minor impact cases where the property damage is anywhere from $100 to about $10,000. These cases pose a risk of the victim developing chronic musculo-skeletal pain. It may affect the car accident victim's normal everyday activities. Recovery periods may be prolonged because of certain congenital conditions. Generally speaking, severe injuries refer to situations where the victim often ends up in a wheelchair. For example, it could be someone who hit a cement truck as he is driving down the road.

These cases have many challenges victims of catastrophic injuries are usually interned in a nursing home or hospital after the accident. The policy limits on theses cases is usually not enough to adequately compensate them. At Ghantous Law Offices, we hire experts to help us with your case such as engineers, accident re-constructionists, and surveyors to help us fine tune liability issues. For a free case evaluation, contact attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria, Illinois, or visit his website at www.ghantouslaw.com