Why is it so important not to settle too early in a personal injury case? Attorney Leo Ghantous says negotiation is an art and at the same time it is a science. Insurance companies... the choice of payment is less appealing than a gamble with the same expected value. They typically start low. The lawyer's job is to convince the insurance adjuster of the case's expected value. There is seldom a situation where an insurance company says "We're offering you $10,000 and it's take it or leave it." And that's all themoney there is assuming that we are within the policy limits. They want to test the waters by the same token the plaintiff has to temper the expected value of the case with the probable courtroom certainties. The lawyer has to consider the client's best interest and has to balance the interplay of money against time. For a free case evaluation, contact Attorney Leo Ghantous in Peoria, Illinois, or visit his website at www.ghantouslaw.com.