Auto Accidents



Although any kind of injury can end up being expensive, traffic collision damages add up quickly. Standard health insurance will not cover medical bills from care received after an accident, and it’s the car insurance company’s job to pay as little as possible to the injured parties while prioritizing the interests of the company. 

Without an attorney to protect your interests, you can lose hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Traffic collision victims that do not seek legal representation receive 300% less compensation than those that seek the help of a trusted attorney according to the Insurance Research Council. 

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Truck Wrecks


On average, tractor trailers weigh 4 tons when fully loaded and cause the highest number of deaths and “Type A” injuries per vehicle in a collision on the roadways. “Type A” injuries are permanent and incapacitating. 

Because of local manufacturing and the abundance of agriculture in our Central Illinois communities, there may be an increased risk of a collision with a tractor-trailer. You may suffer various serious injuries if colliding with a vehicle this large and heavy not to mention the damage that would be done to your vehicle.

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Motorcycle Crashes


Motorcyclists suffer the greatest number of fatalities and major injuries when involved in a traffic crash. Though local groups, like A.B.A.T.E., try to educate Central Illinoisians on motorcycle awareness, the freedom that comes with driving a smaller vehicle with great gas mileage also comes with a risk that is around 15 times greater than driving a standard vehicle with a passenger compartment for protection. 

While not required in Illinois, remember to always wear your helmet. Helmets are shown to decrease the risk of head injuries substantially and are recommended by every safety organization across the United States.

If another vehicle collides with you while riding your motorcycle, it is extremely important that you get the medical care you need including rehabilitation and long term monitoring of injuries to avoid future problems. Get Ghantous today to protect your rights. Call (309)LAWYERS to schedule a free* consultation. Case Closed.